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An Earnest Word with Those Who Are Seeking Salvation by the Lord Jesus Christ

By Charles Haddon SPURGEON

“Where sin abounded, grace did much more abound.” Romans 5:20


What Are We At? God Justifieth The Ungodly “It Is God That Justifieth” Just and the Justifier Concerning Deliverance from Sinning By Grace Through Faith Faith, What Is It? How May Faith Be Illustrated? Why Are We Saved by Faith? Alas! I Can Do Nothing! The Increase of Faith Regeneration and the Holy Spirit “My Redeemer Liveth” Repentance Must Go with Forgiveness How Repentance Is Given The Fear of Final Falling Confirmation Why Saints Persevere Close


HE WHO SPOKE and wrote this message will be greatly disappointed if it does not lead many to the Lord Jesus. It is sent forth in childlike dependence upon the power of God the Holy Ghost, to use it in the conversion of millions, if so He pleases. No doubt many poor men and women will take up this little volume, and the Lord will visit them with grace. To answer this end, the very plainest language has been chosen, and many homely expressions have been used. But if those of wealth and rank should glance at this book, the Holy Ghost can impress them also; since that which can be understood by the unlettered is none the less attractive to the instructed. Oh that some might read it who will become great winners of souls!

Who knows how many will find their way to peace by what they read here? A more important question to you, dear reader, is this- -Will you be one of them? A certain man placed a fountain by the wayside, and he hung up a cup near to it by a little chain. He was told some time after that a great art-critic had found much fault with its design. “But,” said he, “do many thirsty persons drink at it?” Then they told him that thousands of poor people, men, women, and children, slaked their thirst at this fountain; and he smiled and said, that he was little troubled by the critic’s observation, only he hoped that on some sultry summer’s day the critic himself might fill the cup, and he refreshed, and praise the name of the Lord.




For if the word spoken through angels proved unalterable, and every transgression and disobedience received a just penalty, how will we escape if we neglect so great a salvation? The Holy Bible, Hebrews 2:2-3a (NAS)


salvation (sal vâ/shen), n. [ME. salvacioun; OFr. sauvation; L. salvatio < salvatus, pp. of salvare, to save], 1. a saving or being saved; preservation from destruction; rescue. 2. a person or thing which is a means, cause, or source of preservation or rescue. 3. in theology, spiritual rescue from sin and death; saving of the soul through the atonement of Jesus; redemption.

In Christian doctrine, salvation is a rescue or deliverance of humanity from a specific condition and from a specific destination. Salvation presumes that there is a danger, jeopardy, peril or life threatening hazard from which rescue must be accomplished on an imminent basis.

The CONDITION from which humanity must be rescued:

  1. Separation from the Creator/God of humanity.
  2. Such separation from the Creator/God occasioned by the sinful actions of all humanity (by disobeying and ignoring the commands of the Creator/God), both in congress and individually.

The DESTINATION from which humanity must be rescued::

  1. The sinful human actions necessitate that the Creator/God pronounce a judgment on all humanity as a punishment for those actions taken.
  2. Such punishment being separation from God, and assignment in company with Satan and all his followers in the region of Hell.
  3. Such assignment to be eternal in nature, never to be reconsidered, changed or revoked.
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